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Intraoral Camera

intraoral camera

One of the biggest struggles in dentistry is a very basic one: patients can’t actually see their smile like their dentist can, which can make communicating quite difficult. To help make appointments more transparent and easy to understand, our intraoral camera is the perfect tool. This small device can capture high-resolution images of the teeth and gums we can display on a monitor right in the treatment room. These handy visual-aids will ensure that you and your dentist are always on the same page whenever they are talking about an issue or recommending a treatment.

Digital X-Rays

x-ray on tablet

X-rays help us find and diagnose potential dental issues before they are even visible to the naked eye, so they are an extremely valuable tool in our practice. In recent years, we’ve upgraded to only using digital X-rays because they are faster, more accurate, and emit much less radiation compared to traditional film. Plus, we no longer have to use toxic darkroom chemicals to develop images, which helps lower our impact on the local environment.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

girl in a cone beam scanner

When planning for advanced procedures like dental implant placement, we need a little more information than what a traditional X-ray can tell us. With our CT/cone beam scanner, we can create a fully 3D X-ray image of a patient’s teeth, jaw, and surrounding oral structures in exhaustive detail. This enables us to personalize a procedure to a patient’s specific dental anatomy, ensuring a successful treatment as well as an easy recovery.

Soft Tissue Laser

soft tissue laser

Thanks to our soft tissue laser, treating the gums is now easier than ever for both our team and patients alike. With its highly focused beam of light, we can quickly eliminate harmful bacteria from below the gum line and remove infected tissue with extreme precision. The laser can also provide a cosmetic gum lift in just one appointment. And, no matter the procedure, this instrument is so gentle that most patients don’t even need local anesthetic to remain completely comfortable.

Patient Amenities

woman listening to music

Have you ever used the words “indulgence” and “dentistry” in the same sentence? One visit to our Colorado Springs dental practice and you will. Our deluxe amenities include a continually replenished beverage bar and a selection of light snacks. While you’re in our treatment rooms, we provide additional amenities to make your experience exceptional:

  • Movies Each treatment room has its own cable TV. So, sit back, grab the remote, and select your favorite movies from a large selection of DVDs.
  • Personalized Music Selections. We offer stereo headphones with a large selection of music. From Classical to Rock and everything in between, you’re sure to find something to enjoy.
  • Soft, Warm Blankets. If you find you’re a bit chilly in the treatment rooms, feel free to ask for one of our extra soft and warm blankets. They’ll make you want to fall asleep!
  • Neck Pillows. Soothing neck pillows give gentle support as they add to your exceptional experience.
  • Hot Scented Towels. The perfect way to freshen up after treatment. You’ll leave our office feeling clean and renewed.

Dr. Solich and his team are proud to serve the dental needs of Colorado Springs and beyond with advanced dental technology!

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New Patient Special
$59 Cleaning, Exam & X-rays

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