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Why Choose Exceptional Smiles by Gregory M. Solich, DDS for Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment?

  • Designed to stop cavities before they even start
  • Effective for both children & adults
  • Can help reduce dental sensitivity

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

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Silver diamine fluoride is made up of two main components – silver diamine and fluoride. Silver diamine works as a topical antibiotic. Tooth decay occurs when plaque produced by oral bacteria overwhelms the ability of the body to neutralize this acidic material. The plaque sticks to teeth, weakening the enamel and leading to cavities over time. Silver reduces the numbers of plaque-producing bacteria on the damaged tooth, halting the progress of decay. Fluoride is used to strengthen tooth enamel. This unique mineral attracts other fortifying nutrients to the surfaces of teeth where they can combine to strengthen weakened tooth enamel, preventing dental sensitivity and stopping the progression of tooth decay.

How is it Used?

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There are many uses for silver diamine fluoride. Some of the situations where this preventive dentistry solution is most effective include the following:

  • To strengthen primary teeth for children and adults who experience extensive or frequent tooth decay
  • To help prevent further tooth decay or damage for kids who have difficulty cooperating and patients with special dental care needs
  • To protect teeth when more than one visit is needed to complete treatment
  • To diminish tooth sensitivity for patients of all ages who experience painful responses when teeth are exposed to hot or cold elements

What are the Benefits?

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There are many benefits to using silver diamine fluoride, including:

  • Protect teeth from further decay when multiple cavities can’t be treated at once
  • Great option for children or adults who have physical or cognitive impairments that make more advanced treatments difficult
  • Treatment is completed quickly and without any pain
  • Non-invasive option to halt or prevent tooth decay
  • An ideal solution to relieve tooth sensitivity in kids and adults
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