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Athletes in Colorado Springs Benefit from Pure Power Mouthguards

Enhanced Balance, Strength, and Overall Performance

Another facet of neuromuscular dentistry includes the orofacial protections for sports players. So, what does neuromuscular dentistry have to do with sports? Few people realize the importance of neuromuscular harmony when it comes to power and strength. When the jaw, muscles, and joints are aligned properly, the body performs better. At his Colorado Springs dental practice, Dr. Gregory Solich offers athletes customized Pure Power Mouthguards.

In Colorado Springs, Pure Power Mouthguards are an excellent option for sports players looking for protection of their mouth and jaw and for prevention of dental traumas. A misaligned jaw can result in headaches, muscle contractions, and neck and back problems—all nagging symptoms that interfere with your ability to perform at full capacity. To give your sport's performance an edge, Dr. Solich will customize the Pure Power Mouthguard to fit your mouth and give you the protection you deserve!

Often called the PPM for short, the Pure Power Mouthguard aligns the muscles in the face and jaw for full-body harmony and optimal performance. When you visit us for your PPM appointment at our Colorado Springs office, Dr. Solich will analyze your bite using state-of-the-art technology called a TENS unit. Then, he'll take digital images and impressions and send those to a certified PPM laboratory. In only a few days, your Pure Power Mouthguard will arrive, and you’ll be able to reach your full athletic potential while getting the protection you need for your face, dentition, and jaw.

Contact us for an appointment to get your Pure Power Mouthguard. Dr. Solich serves athletes in Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Pueblo, and the surrounding areas.