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Teeth Whitening in Colorado Springs

Brightening Smiles with Teeth Whitening Options for Colorado Springs

Over time, teeth can darken due to eating pigmented foods, drinking tannin-based beverages, and taking certain types of medications. Aging, smoking, and heredity can also contribute to the discoloration of enamel. Professional teeth whitening has been proven a safe, effective solution for removing stains and brightening teeth.

Dr. Solich is a highly experienced cosmetic dentist, and he can determine if teeth whitening is an appropriate cosmetic dentistry procedure for you. Some stains don't lighten as well as others, and it may be that the discolorations in your teeth cannot be removed with teeth whitening services. If your teeth will not benefit from teeth whitening, then Dr. Solich may recommend porcelain veneers as an alternative.

At his Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry practice, Dr. Gregory Solich offers two methods of teeth whitening.

In-Office Zoom! Whitening

Zoom! Whitening is the fastest way to get dramatic teeth whitening results. With the Zoom! Whitening system, Dr. Solich can lighten enamel up to ten shades in about an hour.

Here's an overview of the Zoom! Whitening process:

  • We apply a protective covering to your gums
  • The Zoom! Whitening gel is carefully brushed onto each tooth
  • We may use a special, no-heat lamp to activate the gel
  • You relax in our comfy chair, while your teeth lighten
  • A member of our team monitors your progress to ensure fantastic results

Kör Whitening

KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System can give you a permanently bright smile. It's so safe and effective that our cosmetic dental team can use it to whiten teeth of patients from 14 years of age ... all the way to 90-years-old. KöR Whitening whitens your teeth so dramatically, you can brighten your smile up to 16 shades and it can even whiten tetracycline-darkened teeth. In addition, the KöR Whitening system is well known for producing the least amount of after-whitening tooth sensitivity. At our Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry practice, we'll help you decide the best method and products to use to give you a brighter, more beautiful smile.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

At our Colorado Springs dental practice, we offer our patients take-home teeth whitening systems. These take-home kits contain a lower concentration of carbamide peroxide (a common whitening agent), so teeth lighten more gradually. We'll design custom mouth trays to hold the solution flush against your teeth without irritating the surrounding tissues. Wear the trays as directed, usually about an hour a day for one to two weeks. Take-home teeth whitening kits can lighten your enamel up to eight shades.

If you’re considering teeth whitening options in Colorado Springs, please contact the office of Dr. Gregory Solich. We offer exceptional cosmetic and general dentistry services in Colorado Springs, Monument, Castle Rock, Pueblo, and the surrounding communities.