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The Tooth Extraction Process

Dentist using surgical pliers to remove a decaying tooth. Modern dental clinic

Tooth extractions are simple and straightforward. They only take a few minutes and are completed by one of our experienced dental specialists.

  • The dentist or oral surgeon will have previously taken x-rays of the teeth and then will go over the process with you.
  • The dentist will use a local numbing agent for the tooth, gum, and bone so you will feel no pain.
  • In most cases, the dentist will remove the tooth using only applied pressure instead of surgery. You will feel only this pressure, not pain, as the tooth is removed.

The Recovery Process

woman after tooth extraction procedure

After the procedure, you will be sent home with instructions on how to properly care for the extraction site. Some patients will need to cover the site with gauze while others will need some prescribed medicine.

As long as the mouth is kept clean, the gums should heal within a few weeks. Once they’re healed, you might be interested in filling the missing space with an implant, bridge, or denture.

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