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Your Dentist in Colorado Springs Discusses The Benefits of Dental Crowns

May 9, 2016

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Need a crown? Your dentist in Colorado Springs discusses the benefits.Feeling that sensitivity in your tooth when you eat hot or cold foods? Perhaps a dull ache when you chew or bit down? This is an indicator that you may have a chip or fracture in your tooth. Receiving the news that you need a dental crown is never desirable; did you know however, that a dental crown is the best treatment to protect the integrity of your natural tooth? With a crown your tooth is repaired, your root is protected, and your smile is restored once again. Your dentist in Colorado Springs discusses the benefits of dental crowns.

What is a Dental Crown?

Crowns are the best treatment for a tooth that has been infected, damaged or fractured beyond what a filling is able to repair. A crown fits over your natural tooth structure like a cap that is designed to replace your damaged tooth. Your dentist will custom design your new tooth to match your existing teeth, which will naturally complement your smile.

Dental crowns are easy to care for, as you’ll be able to brush and floss your crown as you would your natural teeth. Crowns are durable and with good home care and regular dental check ups your crown can potentially last around fifteen years.

Dental Bridges

A fixed dental bridge utilizes porcelain crowns to replace one or more missing teeth, especially if they’re adjacent. Two dental crowns anchor to your natural teeth, and attach to replacement teeth, which fill in the gap of your missing teeth. A bridge is a fixed option for replacing missing teeth that protects the integrity of your remaining teeth.

Implant Crowns

Dental crowns are also used to replace missing teeth by topping off dental implants. Dental implants are by far the best replacement for a missing tooth because it replaces both the root and the tooth. Your new root is made of titanium, which is biocompatible and creates a stable foundation for your new porcelain crown. Your implant crown is also very durable, and can potentially last a lifetime with the proper care.

Dr. Gregory Solich has been providing high quality dentistry to patients in Colorado Springs for years. Combining artistry and dentistry, Dr. Solich restores form and function to smiles in need of repair, using only the highest quality dental materials. When you work with Dr. Solich, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a dental restoration that you can rely on and be proud of. Contact our office today to learn how we can help restore your smile.

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